Sunday, April 22, 2012


The first of these tips, I got a blog. But I could not decide to apply tips. How We can not call that free. I thought that this is the wrong tips. I think that I trY again. Oma! Now we are just all! The free call services, mobile  OPERATOR gulo progress in the block. A long time because of the Internet, from free to call me and we think it is time OBSTACLE customer., But sometimes it is down you know you can get free incoming calls . and Yahoo! Unlimited free calls.
However I do not assume you know how to continue increasing calls can be free from Yahoo.

1. Yahoo Open MESSENGER.

Year. Empty the box below to write contacts (shown here), then the number is 18003733411 call by pressing the interactive.

3. Yahoo can now listen to AutoInput Stay tuned and wait for some time "free calls" the logically opposite to the sound.

And 4. Which will 'free ball' out loud You say, 'Free Call'

5. If the first cestayai you can work it well. Or call toll-free call to cut and start again with a call to the same rules. However, from experience, I amarabyaktigata, free calls to say the word before the call is cut off, it shows a lot of time to network busy. So that the network is free to try sesamaya.

6. Once the call is free as long as you happy to talk to any mobile phone.

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