Monday, April 30, 2012


Recently it has been, on July 9, thousands of computers worldwide Internet connection may be disconnected. Myasaebala PC worlds with the news on order.
According to sources, PC and Mac computers for the 007 because of the spread of trojanera on July 9 and can be disconnected from the Internet, thousands of people. Internet settings on your computer is infected with this Trojan cenjara DNS name of the changes.
The Trojans, who will take a website to access the correct address of the DNS server to create a website that has them. The infected computer hyakarara flexible user can send to their website.

Myasaebala said, intelligence agencies long before the Trojan ephabiai who has had them arrested. DNS servers are also closed. However, because a lot of computers infected with this trojane ephabiai themselves as the backup server basiyeche.

Trojanera server, but the sources said, the world still has thousands of Mac and Windows computers, this Trojan. Ephabiai - The backup server is running the DNS routing to thikathakabhabe. However, the July 9 date ephabiai the server is shut down. Computers infected with the Trojan will be immediately disconnected from the Internet.

Sources said, just four months for the DNS servers on the court's instructions ephabiai etodina they have been enabled. The closing date is July 9, the date has been confirmed.

Shelter Way:

Users of computers infected with this trojan sure to check the DNS changer - up name, you can visit this website. Address -

If the Trojan virus is found, then the anti - virus tool, it will be able to see the list can be found on this link

Now show how much damage the virus trojena may cause. The waiting ...

I better stay, stay healthy!

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