Tuesday, May 29, 2012


There are lots of marketplaces to earn money from internet. From those marketplaces one of the great marketplace names is freelancer.com. This is such a place from where legally we can earn money by showing our skills in technology. Here first of all you have create an account as a freelancer.

If you have some courage or if you want to make your career in doing freelancing then you must have some technological skills such as web design, web development, seo , smm, sem, graphic design, Freelance developers etc. There are lots of category in every market place chooses your best one, bid the task and get the job project and finally finish the task to get the money.

Now I will discuss about one marketplace which name I stated before freelance.com. Here in this site you can get lots of job for finishing. Before start you must have an account here. Now see how to create an account here:

Process of creating account in Freelancer:

 There are two types of account here one is for employer and another is for the worker. So if you want to earn money then you must have to click the sing up button which is in the top right side corner of the site.
After clicking the sign up button you will get an another page there you must have to provide all the details such as a valid email account , user name, password, confirm password and must click the hire and work or work radio button. Then click the submit button. Your account creation then completed.

How to bid:

To bid a project choose a project which you fit best, add some sentence in the private message box and then give your resume then finish. 

How can I get a job?

The employer has the right whether that project you applied for awarded you or not. But I must say if you have some skills and patience then you must get job and must earn money. 
The man he who says that to earn money from internet is too hard it’s not perfect I actually personally believe that to earn money from freelancer is not so tuff its easy just you have to keep patience be skillful you will get job earn money.

Jobs type:

In the freelancer market place you will see there are two types of job: one is fixed price job and another is hourly job.
Both type of job are good if you complete.

Here something I must have to discuss with you please read it carefully:

1. Please be sure you can complete the job      then  you apply.
2. Read the job description one time more to understand the job project.
3. Write a good cover letter to apply be sure that your cover letter looks attractive.
4. Must add the skills which you know best.
5. If possible take some exam from freelancer to prove you are the best.
6. When apply please don’t and any sentence which seems like that you are a spam.
7. Don’t write “please see the PMB” this is a spam line.

Freelancer competition :
Some other way to earn money from freelancer that is freelancer make contest in various matter to participate in those contest you can earn money by winning. Form those contest many freelancer changes their life winning the competition. You will participate those contests and can earn cash.

Best of luck everyone to become successful. 
Thanks and regards
Seoboss786 ( this is my user name in freelancer)

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